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  • The BREG Freestyle Knee Brace relieved my pain. Back to walking 6kms a day and I feel great.
    Ken Jennex
  • Thank you very much. The BREG brace has changed the quality of my life. Without my brace, pain in my knee limits me from what I enjoy doing; like biking, gardening, walking, etc. With the brace, I am able to manage my pain with less medication and enjoy life to the fullest.
    Beverly Eastwood
  • The BREG knee brace is very easy to put on and it has made a huge difference in my knee pain. I am now able to stand for longer periods of time, climb stairs, and walk with no knee pain! I only wish I had known about the product sooner.
    Karen Malone
  • Last year I was at the point of having a complicated knee surgery, but at the last moment I was given a choice, operation or try the BREG Knee Brace so I opted for the brace. The help was almost instantaneous, and the relief was unbelievable. I can even play a round of golf; go walking, all with little discomfort. All around pain free living is amazing.
    Patrick Riley
  • No problems from day one with the custom unloader knee brace. Only a couple of small adjustments after a few days and I LOVE it.
    Jack Stone
  • This product (MONOVISC™) has enabled me to continue walking and other sports activities. It is an alternate to knee surgery. I have has this injection three years in a row; for me it has lasted nearly a year, so far avoiding the need for surgery.
    Ardeth Maguire
  • I would just like to say thank you for everything that you have done for me! I wish I could do more than this note but know that I’m thankful. Because of the brace I can do everything that I could do again well in 6 months. But once again THANK YOU!
    Taylyne Merrick
  • I have been wearing my brace constantly for two years and it has been a “gift” for me. The service has been excellent and the maintenance on the brace has been fantastic. Thank you.
    Arlene Poirier

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